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All of Barcelona’s marijuna clubs are unique for its atmosphere, strains and events, but some of them earned the title “one of the best” or “the most interesting..” club in the city. The reason is very easy: it is usually the place which has a lot of benefits, and it is well-known because of some special things.

So it is the cannabis club Marijuana which stays in the heart of the city. The location is great: very close to the French Railway Station and also 15 minutes from the Barceloneta beach. It has also parking for bikes. It will take its place in all the guides in 2020 because for sure it is one of the best cannabis clubs in the city.

Why this place is unique?

This club has a position of a lounge place without board games or billard but only with chess tourneys or some games like this. Of course, first of all, it appears the question of what can you do inside? So here you can find a DJ and live concerts almost every day, that is something special that helps to create a party atmosphere, with different kinds of music, from techno to reggae. Also, they have special events on some big days like Halloween, Christmas, and Anniversary. So it makes coffeeshop Marijuana the place where you can hang out with friends, having coffee or something else, listening to good music and see a very special artists and relaxing with some weed. In the day time, it is very comfortable to sit with the laptop and work. Of course, marijuna clubs all have a big screen for sports broadcast, because, for example, football in Spain is a very important thing. It is possible to tell that it is one of the best places in Barcelona.

What about the details?

So here, in this Marijuna club, the main things are the atmosphere and people. You can find super stylish design and paintings, an amazing conditioning system, which allows you to visit this place with your dog also. So the Marijuana club is one of the best places in Barcelona. When you come here you feel like a luxury bar with another level of people, who are not teenagers and who spend time at a club to relax, have fun, and enjoy the atmosphere.

What about the weed?

That’s true that marijuana in that club in Barcelona is a bit more expensive than at other places. But it deserves it with the quality and atmosphere that you could get. There are some well-known strains and some very interesting and unique so everyone could find whatever he wants.

Do they have some more special things?

Cannabis clubs in Barcelona usually have some merch but here when you get a membership you also can have some privilege: there are special things with logo as cups, glasses, and clothes, very stylish. Also, you can find some cosmetic products of different brands with CBD and edibles such as gummy bears.

This Marijuna club is an amazing combination of style, high-quality weed, atmosphere, events, and ambiance.

5 steps how to join cannabis club in Barcelona

  1. Choose the cannabis club which you decide to visit in our catalog or map.
  2. Press the “Apply for membership” button and fill in the fields of a form. Enter the correct name and surname (as it in your ID). You will get a reply message from the club.
  3. Go to the club; ring the doorbell and show a message which you receive at the reception desk.
  4. Show your ID to identify yourself as a legal adult (18+). Then, you complete a quick interview so the club can endorse you.
  5. Make a payment for your annual membership. Congratulations, now you a member of the cannabis social club!

Detailed information about Marijuna Club, a photo gallery, a membership application form, and customer reviews are on the club’s page



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