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This association cannabis stays very close to the Plaza Espana, which is famous by its fountains, museum of arts and shopping centre which occupies the building that was before the bullring.

This cannabis cafe is liked by locals because of the chilling atmosphere and because of the size: it is much bigger to compare with the others. So for those who wants to go to the place which could be called “local” that’s exactly it is! There are a lot of sofas so it is really comfortable and a bit “lazy”, relaxing atmosphere.

What about the details club Viladomat?

In this marihuana club there are, let’s say, three zones where everybody could find everything that he wants not bothering other people. First part with two big projectors was made for the sports fan: all the games of FC Barcelona is possible to watch here (also all another important football games).

The second part is ideal for those who want to play videogames: it stays behind the corner of the football zone so nothing will distract from the game console. Also in coffe shop is some books on the shell and it is good place for people who just want to be a little with themselves or chilling with the friends in a small company.

Third part stays also behind the corner of the football zone but in another side. So in private cannabis club it is very comfortable to sit with the friends and have some fun with the chilling mood. In this cannabis association people also have an opportunity to play pool or just spend time with the table games and there are a lot of them at any taste. The slot machine is available as well with more than 100 different games.

Atmosphere at this cannabis association is very calm and relaxed, with funny artistic graffities at the walls. Also there is the coffe shop for the bicycles, which is very important for those who use it in the city and it is well-known that Barcelona is amazing for going around by bike. The good thing also is that the club is really not small and everybody could spend the time as he wants. Especially the best option here is to come to see the game of FC Barcelona on a big screen with local people and to feel how much they love their team!

5 steps how to join cannabis club in Barcelona

  1. Choose the cannabis club which you decide to visit in our catalog or map.
  2. Press the “Apply for membership” button and fill in the fields of a form. Enter the correct name and surname (as it in your ID). You will get a reply message from the club.
  3. Go to the club; ring the doorbell and show a message which you receive at the reception desk.
  4. Show your ID to identify yourself as a legal adult (18+). Then, you complete a quick interview so the club can endorse you.
  5. Make a payment for your annual membership. Congratulations, now you a member of the cannabis social club!

Detailed information about Viladomat Cannabis Club, a photo gallery, a membership application form, and customer reviews are on the club’s page



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